Our Story

Donuts, wifi and the
pajamas on fire.

Mellō – The inside story

In the mid-2013, sitting in the café of our campus, we started discussing our careers as Ovyce was at the end of his bachelors. We were part of an event happening in FAST, Islamabad and at 3:00 am, feeling exhausted, we had ordered 3 donuts and tea.

First Encounter

Even though they were classmates, Ovyce and Aadil, they never really hit conversation until after 2 years. And when they finally met Aadil thought Ovyce was a bit self-indulged. While Ovyce can’t recall why. Huh, Irony. Well, it goes to prove, first impression is not the last impression. It was an event that connected us three. Aadil wanted hands-on experience so he went in the same department as Ovyce. While I was in desperate need for a camera, for I was incharge of covering the whole event (...without a camera -_-). Fortunately, Ovyce had one. From a reference of our mutual friend I went to him who I found to be extremely generous to lend the camera to me.

...to be continued!