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We are living in a world where a brand is considered to be a vital entity. For us, it’s a strategic vision which you set for future. And when you achieve your vision, you define new goals and expand. That’s exactly a decade year old VAS (Value Added Services) company, Planet Beyond did. Once their leadership decided that they were done with what we aimed ten years ago, it was time to go beyond borders.

"When a brand delivers more than what it says, it’s time to rebrand."

- Ovyce Ashraph

Initially, our focus was to highlight their legacy and give them a vibrant identity. First, we tackled the logo. We discussed their concept for a logo with them. After making 23 prototypes, all of them were rejected. Which isn’t unusual. It isn’t occasionally anyone’s fault but a lack of connection between company's vision and creative briefs. A brief can never be effective if it’s not linked to the purpose of what it is made for. So, we arranged a meeting, which went for hours, to understand their core values, their beliefs, what matters to them and what they were aiming for.

The one

We researched Planet Beyond inside out, to understand what message the company conveys not just at the front-end but overall how they think and act. We prototyped 1 concept... planet, signals, north. And the client loved it.

Less is more

We used Exo 2 typeface, vibrant red as primary color with tints of red, gray and of course white. The overall look and feel was going to be red because red visualizes energy and technology. We made each element simple, clean and to the point that made it very energetic and professional.

Website Reds

The design engineering was going to be outsourced, but the designing undertaking was ours. We laid down our tools and got to it. Our main focus on the design was the navigation, the scroll and it had to be responsive on the touch screen. There were more than several integration issues but we solved them eventually with a bit of innovation and a bundle of jukes. We gathered some great open source images. And that is just one of the many reasons why the internet rocks.

Home Sweet Home

Building the home page is always critical because most of time, the user enters your website from your home page. As our strategy was to engage the user with clean, vibrant and minimal interactions, we removed all the noise from home (which we see normally in home pages) and brought them directly to what they were looking for. Removing extra interactions and letting them enter your website from a single door might sound boring but it is very effective for potential users from that industry.

Just a Pinch of wisdom

VAS industry runs in collaborations and partnerships with peers and telecoms, so the effective way to engage user is to show them facts right after believes and vision. We call it “The Fact Punch”. Engaging user with facts and a reason to believe, makes a convincing lasting experience.

Providing coherent brand experiences, both tangible and digital, helps customers quickly understand your principles, culture and your capabilities. It doesn’t only create loyal customers but also builds a good business and helps you prevail in industry with a mark.

In the end, every brand conveys a message to its customers. Making things simpler is the most effective way to communicate in this noisy world. No doubt, it’s the hardest one.

When I was assigned the task of shaping up a new corporate identity for a decade-long technology company, Planet Beyond, I knew who to get on board, without much deliberation. The biggest challenge lay not only in devising such an identity but in building a consensus around it, such that each of the 50 employees, felt pride in the new identity. This required creativity yet patience, innovation and persistence. The journey started from 23 logos which were calmly and quickly churned out to us and after attentively listening to the feedback, Ovyce and his team, came up with the final concept.

Everything from the content to design was kept professional and in line with the requirement at hand. The final output was upbeat with the latest trends as well as relevant to the target market. Its look and feel settled well with the vision of Planet Beyond. Once we reached the destination, Team Planet Beyond were greeted with compliments from clients, friends as well as job-seekers.

We saw a healthy trend in quality of candidates since then, Planet Beyond has a meaningful presence reverberating its new tagline: 'where values drive ideas'!

A brand is a by-product of a series of experiences happening in parallel. It’s in the hands of leadership, what experiences they are offering to their employees because those experiences build a culture among them that eventually define a brand. If it’s good from the inside, it communicates well and if it’s bad, it spits out terrible. Planet Beyond’s culture was far better than their old identity. It was the culture that drove them to rebrand themselves.

While crafting brand experience one thing that matters the most is consistency throughout every channel. Use right brains at right places. Be patient. Never complain about the constraints you are facing and always go big or go home.

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